When you want to make the best, you'll want to learn from the best.

Joyce Hardcastle has been making and sharing her delicious Nanaimo bars for over 35 years. Course co-creator and Nanaimo bar aficionado, Heather Pardon, has more than 10 years of Nanaimo bar-making experience as well as an unparalleled enthusiasm for Canada's favourite confection.

If you want to learn how to make the best Nanaimo bars, you've come to the right place. After taking this course, you'll never have to (nor want to!) settle for a second-rate Nanaimo bar ever again. We'll give you the confidence, support and tools you need to be able to make the ultimate Nanaimo bars for yourself, family and friends. People are going to LOVE when you show up at a party with a plate of Nanaimo bars and you'll love hearing them say, "Oh my gosh, these are the BEST!!" In an easy-to-follow video format, we'll coach you through every step, while sharing best practices and tips. Plus, you'll learn about the history of the Nanaimo bar, be inspired by Joyce's story of personal transformation and be invited to join our private Facebook group, "The Ultimate Nanaimo Bar Club", where you'll receive more Nanaimo bar recipes and inspiration all-year-round. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Let's get you started on your Nanaimo bar journey today!
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Joyce has even taught celebrity chef Lynn Crawford how to make Nanaimo bars, for an episode of "Pitchin' In". If Joyce can teach a top chef how to make fabulous Nanaimo bars, she can teach you too! Fun fact: Heather went to cooking school at George Brown College with Lynn.She really IS the Nanaimo Bar Queen! Here's Joyce before the viewing of "Pitchin' In", proudly wearing her well-deserved crown.

Here's what's included in the Ultimate Nanaimo Bar Course...

In addition to unlimited access to all course videos and photos(and any updates), you'll also receive:

  • Joyce's Ultimate Nanaimo Bar recipe, complete with tips and best practices PLUS suggested substitutions for gluten, dairy-free and vegan Nanaimo bars

  • An introduction to the history of Nanaimo bars

  • An interview with Joyce in which you'll get to hear her amazing story of transformation

  • A complete shopping and supply list

  • Some fun and inspirational (mis)quotes about Nanaimo bars

  • A fun quiz to test your Nanaimo bar knowledge

  • An invitation to our private Facebook group, "The Ultimate Nanaimo Bar Club", where we'll regularly share new recipes and ideas with you so that you can enjoy Nanaimo bars in all sorts of fun and delicious ways, all year 'round!

  • Special BONUS recipes...our Ultimate Chocolate Mint Nanaimo Bar Recipe which is perfect for the holiday season! Oh heck, who are we kidding, it's delicious all year 'round. Plus, our taste-bud and mind-blowing Ultimate Chocolate Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bar Recipe!

  • A Certificate of Mastery upon completion of the course

  • *WARNING* Side effects of taking this course include (but may not be limited to): loss of interest in "imposter" Nanaimo bars, feelings of joy and happiness, random acts of dancing, smiling for no apparent reason, a sudden urge to visit Nanaimo, improved connections with friends and family, being swarmed at potluck parties

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Meet Your Instructors

Nanaimo Bar Expert

Heather Pardon

Heather's love affair with Nanaimo bars began several years ago, in Ottawa, when a friend gave her Nanaimo bars as a gift each Christmas. It was love at first bite so a few years later, when Heather moved to Nanaimo, she got even more hooked on the city's namesake bar and thoroughly enjoys sharing the Nanaimo bar love with friends and family around the world. Heather currently lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia with her Jack Russell Terrier, Daisy Nanaimo Bar, and always keeps a stash of Nanaimo bars in her freezer.

Nanaimo Bar Master

Joyce Hardcastle

Joyce's recipe beat out 100 other competitors in the City of Nanaimo's 1986 contest to find the best Nanaimo bar recipe. In the years since, Joyce has become known as the creator of the Ultimate Nanaimo Bar recipe and is Canada's leading authority on Nanaimo bars. Joyce has been featured in major media across Canada and the United States including the Food Network, "Pitchin' In" with celebrity chef, Lynn Crawford and recently in the New York Times. To name just a few. Joyce lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia, home of her cherished bars.


What people are saying about The Ultimate Nanaimo Bar Course

This course is totally worth it!


Such fun!

These Nanaimo bars are the best!


Seriously, they're totally delicious. I can't stop eating them.

This course totally raises the bar!


As a software geek by day, it's a ton of fun to be able to add "Certified Nanaimo Bar Master" to my resume.

Wow, this was more than I expected!


I appreciated all the extras that came with the course like learning about the history of Nanaimo bars, the interview with Joyce and the hilarious quotes. I'm looking forward to enjoying lots of yummy Nanaimo bars in my future!

Thank you!


Thanks so much for creating this course, I have had some great successes!!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Nanaimo Bars


I used the recipe and they were a huge hit. Some people even liked them more than the regular ones!!

Wouldn't you like a simple, fun and delicious way to add more joy into your life?

Nanaimo bars. The answer is Nanaimo bars.

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Here are answers to some common questions...

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have unlimited access to everything in the course as well as to our online community, The Ultimate Nanaimo Bar Club.

  • I'm gluten (or dairy) free. Will this course work for me?

    Yes. We offer ingredient substitutions and alternatives for all recipes, where possible.

  • What type of support is available for my Nanaimo bar journey?

    The Ultimate Nanaimo Bar Club will offer you the opportunity to connect with fellow Nanaimo bar lovers, be inspired, have fun, share photos and access new recipes.

  • Do Nanaimo bars really cause an increase in happiness?

    Yes. Yes they do.

  • Can I purchase the course as a gift for someone?

    Yes. To purchase a gift certificate, please send an email to: heatherjpardon@gmail.com and Heather will give you instructions.

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  • $47.00

    YES!! I want to be able to make the BEST Nanaimo bars ever!

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